Industrial network

A lean team complemented with an extensive industrial network

We believe that the combination of industrial experts and our own experience from both financial transactions and entrepreneurship enable us to develop strong and high-performing companies. Therefore, our network of industrial advisors plays a key role in supporting the development of our portfolio companies. Neither ourselves nor our advisors engage in operations of the portfolio companies. Rather Rite's professionals and our advisors focus on guiding the companies through their boards or as independent experts to the boards. Our advisors are also very involved during our transaction processes. 

A deep source of knowledge & experience

Many of the industrial advisors have previously served as board members or CEOs in our portfolio companies, or have held key positions in companies that our partner group previously have invested in. Today, our industrial advisors represent competence and experience online and offline retail, cloud services, telecommunication, ecommerce, software as a services, online payments, online gaming and software development. We continuously update and develop the network in order to sharpen and deepen Rite’s accumulated experience from the sectors we invest in.