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Community involvement

We cooperate with different non-profit organizations that we think make important contributions to society. We want to especially support work that helps young people reach their full potential. This cooperation is done both directly through Rite and through Rite’s partners/owners. Below are the organizations that we cooperate with today.


Goodsport is an organization that strives to contribute to integration through sports. The organization provides activities throughout Sweden in cooperation with partners. The goal is to counteract prejudice, build self-esteem, convey important social norms and foster attractive traits in the participants for the labor market.


Onlineakademin is an organization that helps high school students learn mathematics. The organization provides free videos that cover the high school mathematics curriculum in an easy to understand manner.


Hand in Hand´s vision is a world free from poverty. Through Hand in Hand´s unique help to selfhelp model poor and marginalised people, the majority of whom are women, are strengthened with the capacity to work their way out of poverty. Raising family income contributes to greater food security, better education, increased access to medicines and healthcare, improved housing etc.


Integrify is a software development center for refugees, asylum seekers, and recent immigrants. Integrify is a refugee camp reinvented. Instead of operating as a housing facility with basic services, Integrify takes a results-oriented approach by integrating its residents into society through technology and jobs. To accomplish this, Integrify focuses on the ultimate meritocracy; software development.

Centrum för rättvisa

Centrum för rättvisa (Centre for Justice) is an organisation whose mission is to defend and advance the legal protection of individual fundamental rights and freedoms. The Centre for Justice provides pro bono legal representation and advice to clients. The organization is funded by fundraising and secures its independence towards the government by not accepting any public grants.