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Rite invests to transform growth stars to midmarket forerunners

Rite invests in Swedish and Finnish companies within IT-services, Software as a Service, and e-commerce. Rite acts as an active investor aiming to transform and position early growth companies for expansion to the midmarket. With a well-proven value creation process and a consistent sector focus we can act as a catalyst in developing our portfolio companies towards their full potential.

    Sector focus
  • Shopping

    E-commerce centered retail

    We work with retailers with strong customer propositions that leverage or seek to leverage technology and data to enhance their offering and increase efficiency. Our investments range from marketplaces and re-sellers of third party products to vertically integrated brand owners.

  • Computer

    Software & IT infrastructure

    We have a long experience from software and IT-infrastructure with engagements in payment infrastructure, hosting and telecom, internet connected hardware and cloud applications, ranging from finance to ERPs.

  • Strategy

    Digital brands

    We invest in strong consumer brands that have an unique digital identity. Our brands range from purly digital to omnichannel companies with a large and passionate customer base.

Business principles