About us

A privately owned investment firm

Rite was founded in 2007 as a privately owned investment firm focusing on ICT investments in Sweden and Finland. The founding idea was to operate without a traditional private equity fund structure and rather invest our own capital to become true partners to the entrepreneurs.

IT-services, Software as a Service, & e-commerce

To ensure that we are able to contribute to our portfolio holdings we limit our investment scope to areas that we have knowledge about and experience in. Today, this means that we mainly invest in three sectors: IT-services, Software as a Service, and e-commerce. By narrowing our focus to these areas we are able to keep a deep level of knowledge of the industries and maintain a large network of industrial experts with further experience from the sectors.

In most cases, we want our portfolio holdings to develop as independent companies. However, we work actively to extract knowledge and best practice synergies from the different parts of the portfolio. 

Invest in growth stage exit in mid-market

We invest in growth stage companies that need an injection of capital or external competence to reach the next level. Usually, this is a step in the direction of the more long-term goal of a full or part exit in the next few years. As such, both the industrial experts from Rite's network, together with ourselves, engage actively with the portfolio company to catalyze the value creation processes and positioning it for an exit in the mid-market. A potential exit can involve an IPO or a trade sale to a private equity firm or an industrial player.