Selected exits by Rite & our partners

Omni partners is digital strategy and software consultancy firm.

Acquired by Digia in 2017.

Publisher of PC-based strategy games.
IPO in 2016.
Rite remains as one of the larger owners.

NORM is an independent research and consultancy firm specialized in understanding and predicting consumer and shopper behaviour.
Acquired by GfK in 2015.

Online payment software provider. 
Acquired by Nets Holding in a buy out from the stock market in 2015.

E-commerce retailer.
IPO in 2014.
Rite remain as one of the larger owners.

ICT service provider in Finland. 
Acquired by Ratos in 2013.
Rite remain as minority owner.

Online marketing consultancy.
Acquired by Edita in 2012. 

Alternative network operator. 
Stock market exit in 2011. 

Software provider of Identity and Access Management solutions.
Acquired by Intel in 2011.