Our portfolio

Main holdings

Verkkokauppa.com is listed on First North at Nasdaq OMX Helsinki and is the largest e-commerce company in Finland and the second largest retailer of consumer electronics in the country. The company's operating history dates back to 1992 when Samuli Seppälä started the business from his home. Since then, it has grown to having a turnover of MEUR 372 and EBITDA of MEUR 14 in 2016. Verkkokauppa.com has more than 500 employees and offers over 50 000 products through its website and three department stores. The brand name Verkkokauppa.com translates to e-commerce.com, and it is the most well-known e-commerce brand in Finland, and the third among all Internet brands, only after Google and Facebook.

Rite invested in Verkkokauppa.com in 2009 when it was 100% owned by the founder Samuli Seppälä. In April 2014, Verkkokauppa.com was listed on First North at Nasdaq OMX Helsinki. Rite sold a part of its holding but is still the second largest owner.

Nebula is a market-leading provider of cloud services, IT infrastructure and network services to small and medium-sized companies in the Finnish market. The company has four data centres, of which two are located in Finland, one in London and one in Singapore, as well as its own leased fibre network between the largest cities in Finland. Nebula has a total of about 34,000 customers. 90% of sales are subscription based. In 2015, sales amounted to MEUR 32 and EBITDA to MEUR 12.

Rite invested in Nebula in 2007. In 2010, Rite increased the investment to an ownership of 80% of the company. In May 2013, a majority of the holding was acquired by Ratos. Rite currently own 15% of Nebula.

Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of PC games and is world-renowned for its strategy catalog. The portfolio includes firmly established PC franchises such as Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Victoria, Hearts of Iron, Cities: Skylines, Pillars of Eternity and Magicka.

Rite invested in Paradox Interactive in 2015.

Growth stage holdings

Lemonsoft is a comprehensive ERP system for small to medium-sized enterprises. Lemonsoft ERP system is modular in structure, is highly adaptable to different types of businesses and is used by over 2000 companies in Finland.

Rite invested in Lemonsoft in 2016.

Lauritz.com is Scandinavia’s leading online quality auction house with 27 auction houses in 5 countries. Since 1999, the auction turnover has risen from DKK 20 million (approx. EUR 2.7 million), to EUR 145 million in 2015.

Rite invested in Lauritz.com in 2016.

Vitvaruexperten.com is a fast growing e-commerce company in Sweden selling domestic appliances. Vitvaruexperten.com offers punctual delivery times, competitive prices and specialized customer service.

Rite invested in Vitvaruexperten.com in 2015

Salesbox is the predictive and mobile CRM for those that want to be successful in sales. With Salesbox you can also trust the data and forecasts since they build on facts and not guesswork. Salesbox ranks as No. 1 globally on mobile and predictive CRM and has also been ranked as No. 1 on ease of use. Users in 180+ countries.

Rite invested in Salesbox in 2015.

Modular Finance is a fintech company providing digital tools for efficient gathering and analysis of financial data. The platform Holdings (www.holdings.se) is the most powerful software on the market for analysing ownership data in Swedish market listed companies. The platform is targeting professional investors on the financial market.

Rite invested in Modular Finance in 2014.

Mathem is Sweden's largest online grocery store and delivers food to Swedish homes 7 days a week. Mathem.se has been awarded The Grocery Website of the Year (Årets matsajt) in 2010, 2011 and 2013 by the Swedish online magazine Internetworld. Mathem has the largest online grocery assortment in Sweden including a broad range of organic products. 

Rite invested in Mathem in 2014.

Skincity is a fast growing e-commerce company offering professional skin care products and advice directly to end-customers. With the goal of providing the customer the best skin care product advice and selection Skincity has quickly become the leading provider of professional skin care products in Sweden. 

Rite invested in Skincity in 2014.

Innohome develops intelligent and connected solutions for kitchen safety. Innohome is the market leader of cooker safety products in the Nordic countries with cooker safety devices installed in over 60 000 locations around Northern Europe and Great Britain. The patented technology is able to identify user errors and faults in the early phases of a potentially hazardous situation, preventing fires and leaks before they can occur.

Rite invested in Innohome in 2014.

Frank Dandy was created in Sweden 2003 as a reaction against boring men's underwear fashion. A series of patterned underwear was launched together with marketing that in a daring fashion challenged the traditional view of men's underwear. Frank Dandy is represented internationally around Scandinavia, Europe, North America and Japan.

Rite invested in Frank Dandy in 2009.

Nyheter24-Gruppen is Sweden's largest internet media house for 15 to 44 year olds, and the second largest media house in Sweden measured in traffic flows. Its offering is centered around e-sport, social news and programmatic ad-buying through the websites Nyheter24.se, Fragbite and Netric Sales.

Rite invested in Nyheter24-Gruppen in 2008.